Election fever is hotting up across the country and Southlands Student Council took the opportunity to learn more about the main political parties in a workshop session run by Clare Smith from the Young People’s Service.

The ‘General Election Workshop’ is being promoted by Lancashire County Council with the aim of getting more young people interested in the right to vote once they reach the eligible age and to see which of the main political parties they most relate to.

GE4During the session, students learnt about the main political parties, their leaders, their logos and their policies. There was then a quiz about the policies they most agreed with a series of multiple choice questions. The policies were all relative to them but many had not necessarily related them to a political party. The ten answers students provided led them to which political party they mostly agreed with.

GE1 GE2The workshop engaged young people at this early stage to gain a greater understanding of the political system. Once they reach 18 years old, they will then feel empowered to vote and want to make a difference through their democratic right.

The result was a close tie between the Green Party and the Labour Party. Many students expressed a concern about environmental issues and they were attracted to parties that reduced the cost of higher education.

The General Election Workshop is taking place in schools across the county and the overall result from Lancashire’s young people will be announced on May 7th.



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