Southlands High School Money Mentors delivered a presentation at a high profile London Conference

On Friday 27th March, four Southlands students, Emily Cool, Rachel Offord, Jak Fender and Patrick Farnworth presented to an audience of academics at the British Museum in London.


The four students, aged between 14 and 15 years, are Money Mentors linked to the DebtAware Money Management Programme. All four have delivered several Money Management lessons to children in local Primary Schools. They have also written materials for the six lessons and have been involved in the programme for the last two years. It was only a few months ago that the group appeared on a live London Radio programme talking about what they include in the lessons.

The title of the Conference in London was” The Reality of Financial Education” and there were 8 presenters at the 3 hour conference. The students were asked to explain the DebtAware Money Management Programme and this included their presentation about why schools should teach Financial Education.


The presentation was extremely well received and at the end of the conference a Leading School Inspector was so impressed with what they had to say that he is arranging to go along to observe one of the lessons. The group also received praise for their presentation via e-mails—a teacher from Bedfordshire e-mailed “ Every commendation must be given to Emily, Patrick, Rachel and Jak for what was a well prepared, well rehearsed and expertly presented lecture on the Debt Aware Programme. Listening to four young people explain the work they do made me so much more engaged, so I can only imagine the impact it has on younger primary school pupils. What tremendous work the programme is undertaking and it is of no surprise it is a great success.”


Another e-mail from the organiser of the conference, who were the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, said—“I did have individuals approach me at the end of the conference to say that they found the students to be the highlight of the afternoon and I have to agree. They certainly have a bright future ahead of them

The four Money Mentors are visiting a Primary School in Glasgow next week. They will be delivering a lesson to a Year 6 class and then take members of class through the materials so they can train their own Money Mentors.

Emily Cook, one of the Money Mentors said that the four of them are quite passionate about this topic- “After all everyone will handle money and we want to give young people the knowledge, understanding and skills to make the right choices when managing money in future years.”


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