Southlands students delivered a performance packed with energy and enthusiasm in their final show of the academic year.

The fun started rolling in the opening act by Alex McLoughin who sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Summervibe’ whilst playing the Ukulele.


Year 11 students Pearl Williams, Shonagh Leatherbarrow and Emily Walton performed a jaw- dropping tap dance routine that had the audience tapping their feet to the fast pace of the high tempo music!


A talented five-piece Year 9 band closed the first half of the show with two lively songs that made the school hall feel more like a rock concert.


The Summer Showcase was full of poignant performances for many of the Year 11 students who took their last opportunity to be part of a Southlands production before the school closes for the six week holiday on 23rd July. Year 11 student Joe Singleton has carried out the role of Sound Technician in the main hall for the past five years and his work was accredited in a speech by Head Teacher Mark Fowle who praised Joe on his ‘outstanding commitment.

The second half welcomed onto the stage Jessica Clarke, Year 7, who sung ‘Let it Go’ which was an incredible performance and she displayed the passion needed in the song for one of Walt Disney’s big musical ballads from the film Frozen.

Jackson Ward started playing the guitar when he was just seven years old and demonstrated his tremendous ability in a guitar solo performing the song ‘Rockability Pickin’.


For the finale, Southlands Singing Group closed the show with the hugely popular song by Pharrell Williams, ‘Happy’ which had the audience clapping along.


The Summer Showcase was a highly professional arrangement organised by Music teacher Miss Willmington and Miss Corrigan. The show involved over twenty students who were keen to demonstrate their musical talents to the enthusiastic applause of the large audience packed into the main hall.

The Summer Showcase was pure magic!



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