Schools can expect a ‘period of relative stability’ and a stronger focus on vocational education if Labour wins the election, says Tristram Hunt MP

tristram hunt mp

Shadow Education Minister Tristram Hunt MP with Southlands students


Labour’s shadow education minister Tristram Hunt visited Southlands High School to be interviewed by students in the Throne of Words. Mr Hunt, who is MP for Stoke on Trent, believes that students should receive better careers advice and that there should be more funding into early years child care.

Engaging directly with students, Tristram Hunt shared his thoughts on national education policy and offered an insight into what Labour might try to do if they come to office after the next election.

Students challenged Mr Hunt about his views on some of the latest educational reforms and how he would ensure that there would be a wide choice of subjects to choose from.

He told students: “One thing Labour would change quickly is the current lack of focus on technical and vocational education. That means decent apprenticeships and a more flexible curriculum that suits the needs of each region and its young people going forward.

Labour’s reforms would also involve greater responsibility being placed on schools to track what their pupils go on to do, whether it be further education, training or work. He said the proposals would address the talents of the “forgotten 50%” of young people who want to pursue vocational routes through education.

Students asked Mr Hunt MP about ‘Britishness’ which led to an interesting debate that explored the definition of the term. The shadow education minister argued that it varies throughout the country and it is important to focus on the ‘Lancastrian element’ to understand the students local heritage.

“It was very rewarding to see Southlands young people engage with and challenge the shadow education minister. Students demonstrated outstanding knowledge on current education policy and proved they have good ability to debate on a range of issues.”

Mark Fowle, Head Teacher



(from left to right) LCC Cabinet Member for Schools Matthew Tomlinson, Mark Fowle, Head Teacher, Tristram Hunt MP and Mike Handley, School Governor


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