The weather outside was cloudy but inside Southlands High School students welcomed special guest Troydon Bent who brought his own sunshine, with luminous performances of his reggae music and an energetic dance workshop.

Troydon Bent2

BBC Radio Lancashire interviewed Head Teacher Mr Fowle, Troydon Bent and students about ‘Jamaica Day’ in school

Recognised by the Jamaican Tourist Board as an ‘up and coming star’, Troydon Bent is touring the United Kingdom throughout the summer promoting his new album which consists entirely of positive lyrics. Arriving at Southlands High School at eight thirty, Troydon spent the full day meeting with students, teaching them about reggae, writing lyrics together and then demonstrating a few Jamaican dance moves.

Troydon Bent1

Troydon Bent talked to students about how to write positive lyrics before they attempted their own and recorded their lyrics for his website!

There was hardly time for lunch as eager students queued for a signed photo and to learn more about Troydon. The dining room was decorated to suit a summer theme and the school’s in house catering team cooked fantastic jerk chicken with rice and beans which is a culinary favourite in Jamaica!

Troydon Bent

Troydon spent over an hour signing more than a hundred autographs in the dining room

Troydon Bent’s music is based on the premise that the lyrics people listen to can have a sub conscious effect on how people act and respond to each other. He asked students to focus on writing and listening to positive lyrics in their music so that it will have an affirmative effect on their lives.

“Despite its geographical size, Jamaica has developed an internationally famous and recognised brand image. Students learnt about the culture, music and art from Troydon Bent and I was delighted to welcome him into school. Gaining proficiency in a language, culture and literature other than our own is crucial in helping us develop the necessary skills for an increasingly global economy. This is something we encourage at Southlands which has a role in broadening the horizons of all our students.”

– Mark Fowle, Head Teacher


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