A cinema, bowling facilities and a Youth Zone were high on the list of ways to improve Chorley provided by Southlands students.

Councillor Hasina Khan visited school to have lunch with students and give them an opportunity to discuss how they feel about living in Chorley. The information compiled will be used by the Children’s Trust to improve the welfare of all young people in the community.

“I am proud to be here talking to you because Southlands High School has a very good reputation in the community and I am keen to hear your views.”- Councillor Hasina Khan


Councillor Hasina Khan with Southlands students


School dinners are good was the general consensus from the students and the three lunch sittings rota works well to give everyone space in the new dining room. “We would like bigger portions!” added one student. Seasonal menus, pies on a Monday and freshly made desserts everyday were the big advantages to having school dinners. The students enjoy having their lunch with the teachers. “Although there is no talk of lessons, it is time for us to have a break.”

Following Lindsay Hoyle MP visit on Friday, students are very excited about the prospect of the new multi storey Youth Zone, located in town centre with good transport links. “It will even have a football pitch. There are very few places to play football.” This opinion was echoed many times by the boys sat around the table who are eager to play sport but feel Chorley lacks good facilities for them to do so.

The older students were happy to be informed by Councillor Khan that there is a second phase to the development of Market Walk that would create larger shops. “We would like more shops like New Look that cater for the fashion we like.” This view was widely supported and would mean that more young people could shop local which is a initiative of the Borough Council to boost local business.

The young people asked for the local park equipment to be improved in Adlington and there was unanimous agreement that lighting should be added to make all the parks in Chorley feel safer in evening. “We would like more things to do in Chorley to keep us entertained.” asked one student to which everyone around the table agreed.

The visit concluded with a kind offer from Councillor Khan to the young people to attend a meeting at the Town Hall for further discussions on the issues raised. The students were delighted to take up the invite! Overall a very productive half an hour lunch break that could have a big impact on the lives of young people in Chorley.


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