The temperature in the new Food Technology rooms rose to fever pitch as Southlands students cooked their dishes to enter the Chorley Food Festival Cook off Competition.

There was a spectacular variety of culinary delights as students proved eager to represent Southlands on the live demonstration stage alongside BBC fusion chef Aazam Ahmad.

To create the dishes, the students sought inspiration from various sources;

“I search through many cookery books, taking ideas from different sources including internet research. The preparation went well and I am very happy with the outcome” – Chantel Calvert

“My Grandma purchased a cookery book as a present for me this Christmas. It helped to provide ideas to create my healthy recipe.” – Laura Slater

The Entries (alphabetical order)

Arianwen Wharton – Beetroot and Carrot Brownies

Chantel Calvert – Lemon & Herb Chicken, Hot Potato Salad and Stuffed Mushroom with Cheese & Chive

Darrell Button – Fusion Twist Thai Green Quiche

Jack Grundy – Orchard Crumble Cake

Laura Slater – Penne & Waldorf Salad

Michelle Treadwell – Barbeque Chicken, Paprika Sweet Potatoes and Stir Fry Veg

Tom Lord  – Lancashire Cheese and Apple Rose Tart

Jack Grundy Tom Lord Michelle Treadwell 1 Laura Slater Arianwen Wharton Chantel Calvert Darrell Button






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