Jubilant scenes greeted the 8th container to the Gambia last week.

Crowds gathered on the arrival of the container after an extended delay to the ship docking, it was a excited group of young adults and children who unloaded the many items that were donated from the charity’s warehouse in Burnley, Lancashire.

On hand to assist with the arrival was Southlands Governor and Charity Fundraiser Keith Bolam, who arrived days earlier to ensure a smooth transition from the docks and had spent the days leading up to the arrival completing the necessary paper work.

It took a very hectic 90 minutes to unload the container goods into the nursery and clinic. The delay had allowed time to prepare for where the items should go which helped speed up the process.

Keith and his wife Shelia deserved a well-earned rest the following day before commencing the improvements at Bijilo Lower Basic School. These include providing a working computer room, attend to the water taps in the grounds, inspection of the water tower and pipework, a new pump in the garden and develop plans to build the third teachers house.

In addition, the ambulance at the clinic is now fully working and there are plans to construct the laboratory. At the local nursery, the roof is leaking so Keith will meet with a builder to agree works before flying back to the UK.

container container1


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