How are we going to help?

The Gates House is holding a number of events to help raise money for Sport Relief, these events are:

  • A Raffle – All Week
  • Own clothes day – Friday
  • Cake sale – Friday
  • Form Time sports quiz – Friday Form Time
  • Selling wristbands – All Week
  • House Handball Competition – Friday Period 1-4


The raffle will be full of sweets, chocolates and different treats all with red packaging. The raffle will be held all week and the winner will be drawn on Friday. Tickets are 20p each and £1 for a strip.

Own Clothes Day!

On Friday there will be a non-uniform day. It will cost £1 to wear your own clothes. In the spirit of Sport Relief, it would be great if you could all try to wear something red, but don’t worry if you don’t have anything, it isn’t compulsory.

Cake Sale!

On Friday at break and dinner in the ante-hall, a cake sale will also be taking place to raise money for Sport Relief. Cakes will cost between 30p and £1, so remember to bring some money for a yummy treat!

Form Time Sports Quiz!

On Friday during Form Time, a sports quiz will take place that has been created by the Gates House Sports Captains. There’ll be a small prize for the winner of each form.

Sports Relief Wristbands!

All week, we will be selling Sport Relief wrist bands to raise money. The bands will cost £1 each and will be sold in the Ante-hall.

House Handball Competition

Finally on Friday 21st March there will be a House handball competition running for Years 7 – 10 during periods 1-4.

Let’s bring the Houses together to raise money together!

Luther King, Curie, Nightingale and Gates



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