Can writing 500 words lead to becoming a published author?

Twenty students at Southlands High School, who have submitted their own stories to the Chris Evans competition on BBC Radio 2, learned more about writing on World Book Day when they interviewed Tony Dawber, local author and journalist.World Book Day

Tony Dawber is a sports journalist at the Chorley Guardian, sub editor at the Daily Mirror and book publisher; God is a DJ* and Beast: Brian Jensen – From Norrebro to the Premier League.

During an informative session on the Throne of Words, students learnt about journalism, sub editing a tabloid newspaper, ghostwriting and how to become an author. Tony Dawber engaged students in a sixty minute discussion that provided a fantastic insight into the different types of writing and the importance of an English qualification which will demonstrate ‘an interest in writing.’

‘’It was a great opportunity to meet someone who makes a living from writing and to find out what motivates them to keep reading’’ said Mrs. Niven, Literacy Leader at Southlands.

It was clear that being a journalist was not just a job for Tony Dawber but a passion led by his enjoyment of many sports which had inspired him to write. Even in his spare time he continues to read about his favourite subjects; sport and politics which has given him the knowledge to feature on BBC programme Mastermind – winning second place- in a nail biting experience in the famous black leather chair.

Tony Dawber explained that books can change your life by inspiring you to achieve greater things and widening your perspective. By reading about other people’s experiences, it can encourage you to pursue you own dreams and challenge you to raise your aspirations.

500 words can lead to becoming an author and Tony Dawber encouraged the students to continue writing about what interests them.

“Tony Dawber was a fantastic and inspiring Throne of Words guest for World Book Day.”
– Mark Fowle, Head Teacher


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