An elated crowd from Southlands High School waved off the eighth container to Banjul in The Gambia from the Port of Felixstowe on Thursday 6th March.

As well as furniture and educational materials for Bijilo Lower Basic School and Bijilo Nursery, the container set sail with thirty roll-along water carriers destined for West Africa

The water carriers will be distributed to families in the outlying areas of the village of Bijilo. In these locations the women and children are tasked with transporting water from the distant water source on their heads to their homes. This can result in debilitating back, neck and spine injuries. The roll- along containers will be provided to the people in Gambia who struggle to acquire sustainable quantities of potable water from a reliable source.

The roll- along water containers will allow approximately five times the amount of water to be transported in significantly less time with far less effort than the traditional method of carrying 20 liters (approximately 5 gallons) on top of the head.

The roll- along containers provides the following benefits;

• A lot quicker and easier to collect water
• Much less strenuous and dangerous for children
• Easier to collect more water than traditional methods
• Hygienic storage due to the sealed lid on the roller.
• Reduced loss through spillage or further contamination
• The opportunity for measured use rather than waste when pouring, offering economy of scale
• Less trips per day/week to and from the water source
• And gives the person time to do other things during their day

Many of these advantages may appear small, but the ongoing cumulative improvements they provide to the well-being of people in Gambia and their livelihoods cannot be underestimated.

Water container


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