Southlands students met with two politicians to share their ideas on improving Financial Education across the country.

Year 9 students Emily Cook, Chantel Calvert and Patrick Farnworth travelled to London to meet with Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle and the Deputy Chair of All Party Parliament group for Financial Education to promote their popular Money Diaries Programme.

Thanks to local MP Lindsay Hoyle, students enjoyed the full array of what Westminster has to offer including watching Prime Minister’s Questions on the balcony in the House of Commons to greeting George Osborne on Downing Street.

The students posed happily for photos on the steps of 10 Downing Street which has witnessed many Prime Ministers waving on the doorstep before entering the office to run the country.

The aim of the visit was to promote Southlands Money Diary programme and discuss with the politicians how it can be rolled out to other schools. Southlands students are currently teaching financial education in eleven primary schools in Chorley and this model could easily be replicated in other parts of the country. Students gain experience on delivering lesson and presentation skills whilst groups of year 6 pupils learn budgeting, saving and the world of work.

The politicians were more than impressed and there was a good discussion on how to progress the programme further.

Overall a very successful day in Westminster for the Southlands delegates!

“The visit has shown that in Financial Education, Southlands students are leading the way and sharing their ideas with the country’s decision makers in Parliament. It was a fantastic opportunity.”

Mark Fowle Head Teacher

Downing street Downing street1


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