As dawn breaks, Eleanor Anwyl is heading to her local swimming pool to practice for the next competition before her school day commences.

This incredible level of commitment was rewarded this weekend when she became North West English Schools champion in the 50 metre back stroke. This achievement was added to when Eleanor secured second place in the 50 meter front crawl and fourth place in the 100 meter backstroke.

Back in school on Monday, Eleanor spoke of her love for the adrenaline she enjoys from the fast sprint races and the satisfaction from beating the competition to secure a gold medal.

The feeling of elation that Eleanor gained at the weekend is a great reward for all the hard work she endures in training and the relentless schedule she has to maintain to compete in high profile events like the ESSA (English School Swimming Association)

During the event, not all of Eleanor’s time is spent in the pool but there is a lot of waiting around as over one hundred people are involved in the competition. To ensure that Eleanor keeps her energy levels at a peak throughout the day, she continuously snacks on bananas, jelly cubes and the occasional chocolate bar.

Eleanor has competed in swimming competition for eight years and her training schedule includes mornings, most afternoons and the weekend. Next weekend, Eleanor is competing in the County Championship and everyone at Southlands High School wishes her the best of luck!

“This is a fantastic achievement and many congratulations to Eleanor. Once again, a Southlands student is demonstrating that they are leading the way.”

Mark Fowle, Head Teacher

Eleanor swimming


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