Euxton Primrose Hill has been awarded the prestigious Primary School Quiz trophy following their triumphant win on Friday evening at Southlands High School.

Euxton Primrose Hill

Tensions were high as parents and children watched fourteen teams from across Chorley battled to become the Primary School Quiz Champions. This prestigious accolade was given extra gravitas due to the event being hosted by Southlands for 25 years. Former Runshaw College student turned high profile actor, John Thomson was the quizmaster and presented the awards. Whilst parents recognised John Thomson from The Fast Show and Coldfeet, he has just finished a series of Strange Hill High on popular children’s channel CBBC.


A multiple choice quiz such as ‘what puzzle was one hundred years old in 2013?’ and an observation round were the challenging questions that the students felt confident to answer. There were six rounds in total which lasted an hour and were devised by the Humanities team at Southlands High School. History teacher Mr McGurk jested that there would be no extra points for singing as students enjoyed the ‘Name that Tune’ section and many identified the songs by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and One Direction.

“Name two different food groups. I don’t mean Chinese or Curry” –joked John Thomson

The atmosphere was electric as winners of various rounds were announced throughout the evening. It was clear from the outset that it would be a nail biting finish as the teams all scored highly on each quiz round. John Thompson announced the winner to a rapturous applause! Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School claimed their trophy and they were given a fantastic response by the other schools.

As students were leaving with their parents, the feedback on the event to Head Teacher Mark Fowle was excellent and once again Southlands had hosted a Primary School Quiz to remember!

“I am thrilled that so many parents and students attended this year’s Primary School Quiz which was a tremendous success and I am delighted with the positive feedback. Well done to all those involved and congratulations to the winner Euxton Primrose Hill.” – Mark Fowle


“It is a wonderful achievement for the pupils involved in the quiz competition and they deserve all the success that has come their way. They have worked so hard, both in school time and with extra curricular practise, and it’s always pleasing to see such hard work pay off. Our year six pupils are a particularly talented group this year, but what is even more pleasing is that they keep themselves well grounded and don’t get carried away with their success. I just hope that they can now go onto achieve great SATS results and emulate their success in this competition! I would also like to say a big thank you to Mr. Baer (Year six teacher) for all his efforts with the quiz team – they have made everyone at Primrose Hill extremely proud!” – Mr Caunce, Headteacher, Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School


“Thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to host the Quiz at my wife’s former secondary school with such bright children who have demonstrated real promise in regards to their intelligence. It is a very encouraging sign as they are our future. I was grateful to be asked. The children have all been friendly, polite and kind. The event was brilliant and well organised” – John Thomson



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