Business Studies students were given the opportunity to ask entrepreneur Llewelyn Thomas about his company Buddha Beauty when he visited the Throne of Words.Budda Beauty1

Llewelyn shared with students some great tips about setting up their own business; he gave an insight into the working day of an entrepreneur and told of the success Buddha Beauty has achieved as a result of his determined work ethic. Llewelyn also graciously answered a wide range of questions from students on his background from studying the meat industry to making all the organic beauty products on the second floor of his Manchester townhouse!

Students were inquisitive throughout the session as Llewelyn Thomas has had a varied career and demonstrated his passion for his business to grow to compete with high street giant, The Body Shop. Llewelyn worked for many years in a well-paid job as a manager of Cabin Crew at Thomas Cook and he spoke of the courage it took to leave the airline industry to pursue his dream of running his own business.

Buddha Beauty started off slowly as Llewelyn developed a few products but as demand increased he decided it was time to commit fully to the business. He described to students the fear he felt of failing which drove him to work harder to make the business successful. Llewelyn explained that he is constantly learning and researching new products. This ambition has led to him signing a lease on his first high street shop this year which will offer beauty treatments as well as stocking the products.

At the end of the session, Students were thrilled to be given a gift from Llewelyn of a small scented candle from his Buddha Beauty range.

“It was useful to have someone who has changed careers several times and started their own business. This demonstrates to students that you can do lots of jobs and be successful. It was good to show a man in what is predominately a female industry which is also great for students to see. Enterprise is an important part of the GCSE Business Studies curriculum.”

-Miss Watson


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