Kat Button is a local artist who has exhibited her textiles mixed media work all over the country.

Southlands students were pleased that she found the time in her busy diary to visit school to display her most recent pieces. Kat encouraged students to look for inspiration everywhere and articulated in great detail what inspires her in the natural world. Students were elated that they had the opportunity to look through her varied portfolio of work which featured her own drawings, stitched pictures and mixed media art. It is art that encourages individuals to feel and touch rather than more traditional art paintings. Kat takes prides on being able to collect countless items which others would throw away. The recycled art pieces are very bright and include items such as hair curlers, hanging baskets, mops and fake plants. Students were interested to hear how she acquired materials in particular a supermarket shopping trolley which was used on a project recently!

Southlands are delighted that Kat will be working with Year 10 Textile Art and Fine Art groups on a project to create 3D structures. The students are very enthusiastic to be working with Kat as it presents them with an exciting new challenge for their GCSE course. During her tour of the Creative Arts building, Kat commented on how good the school facilities are and that they are similar to an art college.

Watch this space for progress on the students’ project to create 3D structures in the Creative Arts building!


Kat Button2 Kat Button3 Kat Button 4 Kat Button 5 Kat Button 6 Kat Button 7


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