Professor Tunde Zack-Williams graced the Throne of Words on Friday and educated students on the struggles in West Africa.

Tunde Zack-Williams is an Emeritus Professor of Sociology at University of Central Lancashire. He is an internationally recognised scholar who has published quite extensively in his field.

Professor Tunde Zack-Williams began the session by disbanding any social barriers that could prevent students from achieving their goals. He challenged the students to dream big and work hard to become future Cabinet Ministers, Doctors and Barristers. He provided the students with a brief description of his own background from working class roots to University Professor focusing on the importance of hard work.

Students had twelve set questions for Professor Tunde Zack-Williams ranging from his career, to the social similarities between Britain and Africa followed by a debate about the future of Gambia. There was a good discussion on the hardship faced by children in Africa and the struggle to gain an education. This is in stark contrast to children in Britain. Students were quick to respond with supplementary questions and this broadened their horizons on the problems in West Africa.

“It was a privilege talking to the young people. I hope that my talk not only informed the students about Africa, but that it also inspired them. I want them to feel that higher education is for them and not just those who went to Public Schools. I hope they were enthused to work hard to pave the way for a great future.”

– Professor Tunde Zack-Williams



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