Lancashire County Council are responsible for many local public services; funded by central Government and with money raised locally through council tax, around forty thousand people are employed to deliver services such as libraries, school admissions, health and social care, adult learning and recycling centres.

County Councillor Jennifer Mein is the Leader of the Council; she provides political leadership and works together with the Chief Executive to set out a vision for Lancashire and the strategic plans that will help the Council to achieve it.

The Throne of Words welcomed County Councillor Mein to debate with students on a range of subjects from Young People Service to the high cost of public transport. This informative session started with questions about her job as Leader of the County Council and her background which has helped her to prepare for her new role. Mrs Mein spoke about her personal experience of being a mum which she saw as an undervalued role in society but that had provided her with a vast skill set to take on the challenge of her new job.

Students spoke frankly about their experience of living in Chorley and that at times they feel unsafe in the community due to anti-social behaviour. County Councillor Mein explained that this could be helped by employing Community Wardens to patrol the streets and have powers to prevent anti-social behaviour.

There was an excellent debate about public transport and students raised the issue of costly bus services in Chorley. The consensus was that in rural areas the services were too few and too expensive. On the busier bus routes; the cost is still too high and in the evening it can feel unsafe for young people to travel. County Councillor Jennifer Mein confirmed that LCC is taking action against some bus companies who charge too much for fares.

The session closed with good news from County Councillor Mein about the increase in Young People’s Service provision in Chorley with plans for a brand new Youth Zone in the town centre.

“It is great to welcome County Councillor Jennifer Mein into school for the Throne of Words as it provided students with an opportunity to learn more about the role of the County Council and debate the services that impact on them”

– Mark Fowle, Head teacher

Jennifer Mein


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