In partnership with Chorley Community Housing, Southlands High School hosted a Christmas spectacular afternoon of festive treats, turkey dinner, entertainment and bingo!

Twenty seven local residents from Acorn House visited school to have lunch in our Community Room and be entertained by Southlands students. Festive music played out as residents tucked into lunch and pulled crackers with each other. The delicious Christmas dinner was cooked by our in- house catering team and served by a group of students. It was very well received by the residents and there was a lot of praise that spared no blushes for all those involved in organising the event.

Following lunch, many elderly residents opted to wear their Christmas cracker hats which added to the festive mood as they all played a few games of the always popular bingo. The afternoon was almost at an end when students from the school production treated the guests to a very upbeat carol service performance which had everyone tapping their feet and singing along.

As the residents were leaving, each guest was given a Christmas Hamper containing items kindly donated by staff, students and the local community.

Richard Houghton, CCH Director of Operations, said:

‘On behalf of our residents I’d like to say a very big thank you to the pupils and staff of Southlands for organising the Christmas party. It’s really good to see young people taking the time and trouble to entertain our older citizens and we really appreciate their effort and hard work.’

Mark Fowle, Head Teacher-

“The afternoon was a tremendous success and it did not fail to get everyone into the festive spirit. Thank you to staff and students for all their hard work to make it happen. Southlands is proud of all the work we continue to do in the local community”

OAP Xmas lunch 1 OAP Xmas lunch 2 OAP Xmas lunch 3


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