For the past three years, Megan Davies, Year 11 has enjoyed trampolining and due to an outstanding level of hard work she has achieved highly in many competitions.

Megan is recognised by her teacher, Miss Graham as a committed and talented young person who as a result of her determination to do well has become successful in her chosen sport. Megan enters a competition every month, trains 12 hours a week and regularly sets herself new goals.

In 2013, Megan has achieved the following in trampolining competitions;

  • 1st in Lancashire Schools
  • 3rd in North West Schools. Megan now progresses to Northern Final in Hull in February 2014
  • 1st for Ostseepokal Championship 2013. This is an international trampolining competition for young athletes. It is annually hosted by the TST sport club of Satrup, Germany.
  • Competed in the Flowers Cup in the Netherlands in which 316 gymnasts are involved. She made fantastic progress ending in the top 20. The competition is renowned for spectacular world-class performances.
  • 10th in South Shield Gala to qualify for the Nationals  

‘Training is tough but it is worth all the hard work when you come away with the achievements that I have gained in the last year.’  Megan Davies

Megan Davies 1Megan Davies 3


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