Extra chairs were needed in the auditorium as former student James Vickerman graced the Throne of Words.

Enthusiastic students filled the auditorium with some opting to sit on the floor so they could be involved in the session and every student asked James a question.

Described by his teachers as talented, ambitious and hardworking, James left Southlands in 2012 after achieving ten A*-C grades. His art style is seen as quirky, avant garde and whilst at Southlands he demonstrated absolute dedication to achieving his goals.

On the Throne of Words, James Vickerman spoke about his Fashion course at Wigan and Leigh College and how he has managed to secure a final place in the Clothes Show Live competition which will see his creation modelled in the show.

James has sent off an application for the ‘Westminster School of Fashion’ in London. This has been the starting place of many high end fashion designers. One day, Southlands High School could have former student turned famous fashion designer to add to our Wall of Fame.

“I loved coming back to Southlands. I was given a real grilling on the Throne of Words as I was asked a question by every student!

I will always come back to help students at the school.”

James Vickerman

Following the session, students were keen to look through James’s portfolio of work which consisted of a punk project, photo shop and fashion design drawings.


James Vickerman


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