Southlands High School had a voter turnout that the main political parties can only dream about, as students visited the library in droves to determine who would be their elected representative.
Following the success of last year, this is only the second time Southlands have held Student Parliament elections and it proved to be even more popular! Thanks to Chorley Borough Council for providing the ballot boxes and polling booths which set the scene in the school library. It allowed students to experience what voting in a general election would be like as they took to their pencils to mark a definitive cross next to one of their peer’s names.
Each year group has two form representatives which assembles the Student Council and will provide a voice for their class. The Student Parliament is two elected representatives from each year who will have responsibility to represent their year group in meetings and they will be consulted on whole school matters. This format allows more students to have responsibility in school and have a voice on many issues.
The elections were held over the course of a week with the year groups voting on separate days. It was a great example of democracy in action as students were keen to vote for their peers and many campaigned for their friends to be elected.

“I was impressed with how seriously students took the elections and how many actively got involved. They were engaged with the process and I am confident that the candidates elected will bring about real change in school. Last year they were successful in changing the school uniform to a smarter shirt and tie which was a very positive step that I was delighted with. I wish this year’s Student Parliament representatives the best of luck in their new roles and I look forward to meeting with them.” Mark Fowle, Head Teacher

Election 2013


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