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Celebrating the Achievements of the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Internal Awards Evening at Southlands is always an uplifting experience. It is the annual celebration of the many and varied achievements of our students and our school. This year over 150 students were awarded certificates in recognition of their accomplishments throughout the year.

We were very honoured to have Andy Johnson, Chairman of the Joining Jack Charity as our Guest Presenter and we were delighted to be able to present him with a cheque for over £1,000 from a number of different fund raising activities.

The awards came thick and fast. Each school subject awarded an attainment and an achievement award and the pride on the faces of students and parents was palpable. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were given for good attendance. Our eight ‘Gold’ winners have not had a single absence in four years! They are truly excellent role models for us all, as are the winners of the ‘Achievement Points Awards’ who have gained a staggering total of points for in-class and extra-curricular efforts throughout the year.

The Basketball and Netball teams were recognised for being ‘League Winners and Netball Champions’ respectfully.

Special Awards were presented to students who have trained as ‘ Money mentors’ and delivered lessons about money management to primary school children in our local area and nationwide. Other awards included Public Speaking awards, ECO-School awards, Primary Liaison awards and Sports Ambassadors awards.

Our whole school drive on improving Literacy across the curriculum was highlighted with the presentation of the ‘Lancashire Book of the Year’ awards and the ‘Reading Mentors’ awards, the latter of which involved twenty of our Year 10 students who have trained as reading mentors and who have worked on a one to one basis with struggling readers in Year 7, achieving outstanding improvements for those students.

Mention must also be given to two very special students who a truly gifted in their field of sport. They are Shonagh Leatherbarrow who is the National Acrobatics Champion for her age and class and Stephanie Wingeatt who is the National Sailing Champion for her age and class. Our final ward of the evening was present to Southlands High School itself! Mr Fowle was very proud to accept the Gold Award from the Youth Sports Trust and the award for Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering from the same organisation.

Mr Fowle summed up the evening perfectly when he talked about how impressive it was to see the achievements of so many students across such a wide range of subjects and activities. Such success is a result of a lot of hard work and commitment by students who have been very well supported by their teachers and their parents.


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