Students at Southlands High School, Chorley demonstrated their cooking skills to the Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People on Monday afternoon.

County Councillor Matthew Tomlinson visited the school following the completion of works to Food Technology to refurbish the worn, tired classrooms thanks to securing funding from the local authority.

The project, totalling almost £500,000, stripped the existing 1950s classrooms back to the brick and started afresh with a much-needed replacement of all the facilities.

New windows, heating, worktops, sinks and cookers were installed and completed on time by Keepmoat construction in September. Designed by Ellis Williams Architects, the classrooms now provide a light environment with ample space for the students to develop into chefs of the future.

A learning resource area was also created to allow students to continue to study vocational skills in catering and hospitality.

Students in Year 9 met with Matthew to discuss various topics ranging from chopping skills, favourite recipes and their enjoyment of the new facilities, to their thoughts on Jamie Oliver. Matthew engaged with the students in lively conversations and admired their work..

Mark Fowle, headteacher at Southlands, said: “The food technology classrooms are a great addition to the school and we are all delighted with them. Southlands High School is a community school and we continue to be grateful to the county council for their support. We enjoy working closely together to deliver the very best education and ensure our students become the leaders of tomorrow.”

County Councillor Tomlinson added: “I had great fun at Southlands. I was very impressed both by the new facilities, which are top-notch, and by the enthusiasm shown by the students.

“Learning to cook healthy, nutritious and – most important! – delicious food is a vital life skill and I’m very encouraged by the approach taken by the school. I wish the students the best of luck in their new kitchens and will look out for them on Masterchef.” Cllr Tomlinson 2 squidge Cllr Tomlinson squiged


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