Murderous Maths

Kjartan Poskitt, Author of Murderous Maths visited Southlands High School on Tuesday 1st October to participate in the Throne of Words and provide a presentation to years 7 and 8 plus pupils from All Saints Primary School.

Over fifty students interviewed Mr Poskitt in the auditorium on a variety of subjects ranging from the person who influenced him the most to describing his typical working week. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all as Mr Poskitt was charismatic and very complimentary about the questions students asked; this led to a good debate about how to become an author.

Kjartan Poskitt said “When I first got my book published, I realised then that I had become an author and it felt brilliant!”

Students found Mr Poskitt’s answers to be at times humours as well as heartfelt. He described the struggles of being an author, earning money and supporting his family. “It is a hairy business to make money and avoid poverty. You can go weeks without being paid and then my book sold in America so when the cheque arrived it felt like I had won the lottery!”

Mr Poskitt visits around seventy schools a year to talk about his successful series of Maths books, Murderous Maths.

After his session on the Throne of Words, Mr Poskitt went to the main hall where over a hundred students waited excitedly to see his presentation. He started with the invention of Maths by Thales of Miletos. “Without geometry we would not be able to send rockets into space and build skyscrapers” Mr Poskitt told students. The atmosphere was electric for a session on algebra and geometry because the presentation was delivered in a way that ensured lots of laughter from students who were keen to raise their hands to answer questions. There was no shortage of volunteers to participate in a magic trick which demonstrated how numbers can be used to awe. It was a great afternoon of learning.

‘Kjartan Poskitt was incredibly witty and very entertaining. His presentation brought Maths to life and was a superb learning experience for all involved’ Mark Fowle, Head teacher


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